The Nature Nut

“I took a walk out in the woods and came out taller than the trees!” – Henry David Thoreau

Upcoming Events

Boundary Bay Dyke

On Ladner truck road turn onto 72nd street and park by dyke near Kings Links golf course. Meet at 9:30 sharp we will walk to" Beach Grove Coffee" shop in […]

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Reifels Bird Sanctuary

Meet at parking lot  at 9:30 sharp  Please bring a lunch or light snack and binoculars, some change to pay for entrance ticket.

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Aldergrove Lake Regional Park

Follow 8th Ave and turn South on Lefeuvre Road (Aldergrove bowl entrance) to parking lot. Pls bring lunch or lite snack. Some hills in this park, but great diverse trails […]

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Centennial Beach Walk

Take 56th Ave into Tsawassen from Highway 17 ( to Ferries) , turn into 12th Ave to small parking lot in curve of road. Meet at 9:30 sharp. Pleasant and […]

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White Rock Beach boulevard walk

Meet at the (paid) parking lot, next to Washing ton Avenue Grill. we will walk the boulevard and Pier and further, back "window" shopping and coffee at Ocean Promenade Coffee […]

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Burns Bog Nature Reserve, Delta BC

From Highway 91 take 64th Ave exit or 72nd Ave exit Meet at the roadside parking on Westview drive close to 72th Ave. Meet at 9:30 sharp. Coffee at Safeway's […]

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Crescent Beach walk

Meet at the parking area just left before the train tracks on Crescent Road. Coffee at Sunflower Cafe.

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Delta Watershed Park

Meet at Pinewood Elementary school and park on roadside, meet at 9:30 sharp, we will walk through park  to Safeway's Starbucks for coffee and back to parking.

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Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest

Address, 2598 144th Street, meet at parking lot between 144th and 148th street.  Coffee at Belle's Cafe on 140th.

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Richmond Nature Walk and picnic

Meet at the parking lot at 11851 Westminster Highway Richmond at 9;30 sharp Coffee at Steveston Highway Starbucks or picnic depending on weather. Check out the Nature House displays, hunt […]

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did you know…

Here are a few fun facts you may not have known about nature and animals from around the world…

What is the slowest animal on earth?

The slowest animal on earth is the three toed sloth, which has an average speed of 0.16 km/h!

How long does a dragonfly live?

The average lifespan of a dragonfly is 24 hrs!

Forget carrots!

Did you know reindeer like bananas?

Off with his head!

A cockroach can survive a week without it’s head!

Don't get too affectionate...

Tree hugging is forbidden in China!

No need for Q-Tips

A giraffe can clean it’s ears with it’s 21 inch tongue