ready to take out he "dirty diapers"DSC_2280  Last week  I found a pair of Bewick’s wrens nesting right next to the back door under our patio cover. They were not too impressed when we decided to have lunch outside and the parents started scolding us or the harsh weessh weesh was meant to tell their offspring to lay low, intruders at bay. Very shy and nervous they seemed as they hesitated to fly near with food for the chicks, staying a distance away from the nest. Only after I alerted the children at the table outside to sit still like a statue -which some child found really hard to do, so it took a long while – did she, ever so cautiously,  finally deliver the food to her brood. These pictures I took,  after all was quiet, later on  in the evening, when the children and dog were gone.. In the first one I caught her taking out the poop, when chicks poop it comes out as a little sack, so very easy to cleanup for the parents to take it away from the nest….