Nature Walks

See photos and read about what we’ve learned on recent nature walks.

Nature Nuts at “North 40”

Rain was forecasted but never showed! This Friday was a very mild but overcast day at North 40, a dog off leash area, North of Churchill and 72nd street, is a little jewel of a walk in Ladner.  Formerly used as a military airfield and communications station located beside Boundary Bay. After its closure it was renamed Boundary Bay Airport , here where…
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Nature Nuts at Crescent Park (March 20, 2015)

                      Definite visible signs of Spring in the last day of Winter!! We enjoyed a great walk along the outer trails of the park and cut across through the open soccer field towards the pond below. Everywhere were Indian plum in bloom and greening up with bright leaves. Their small blue oval berries are edible but have 3 big seeds…
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Berries anyone?

This week, on my daily neighborhood walks with the children and the dog, we encountered lots of edible berries, such as the red huckleberry, thimble berries, some wild raspberries, saskatoon berries, creeping blackberries (my personal favorite) and yesterday we discovered a strange and unfamiliar looking black berry and the vine looked similar to a raspberry vine, but bluish tinted  along the…
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Morning walk on Mud Bay dyke

Monday morning after being away on vacation for 4 weeks, It is great to be back on the dyke with my trusty 4 legged companion! It is 13 degrees, wind is warming, blowing the sweet honey scent of the cottonwoods in the air. Try it! Just pick a branch and bring it close to your nose and inhale the scent…
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