Take a Guess

From this close-up, can you guess what this is?

What a beauty!!

This morning on my windy walk on the Delta dyke (112th) as a wandered out to the water across the swampy shore I spotted a beautiful  painted caterpillar on a plant, it was the Black Swallowtail caterpillar! It's caterpillar is light brownish and white when young and  looks like bird poop when small, to protect it from predators. The female will lay…
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Yesterday May 21, 2014, I tasted my first two ripe salmonberries of the season, right here in Joe Brown Park. now the treasure hunt will begin, on the way to and from school or dog walks!!  Salmon berries also come in yellow , orange and red. They are cousins  of the raspberry and related to the Rose family! The Chinook Tribe…
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