It was a blustery, but mild, Friday when we met at Crescent Beach. We found scented yellow which hazel and pink rhododendrons in bloom in the neighborhood above the beach . Breathed in the fresh warm salty air once at the shore. Marvelled at the gulls which seemed to be hanging in the air trying to fly into the wind. Discovered and touched the skeletal remains of long forgotten plants from last year, like tansy and teasel (pictured). Tried to find and photograph the teeny tiny blooms on the filbert/hazelnut trees amongst the yellow, pollen laden tassels or catkins. Witnessed a recent attack on a very large poplar tree by a busy beaver! This tall  tree was literally teetering!! With this wind we were experiencing  it was sure not to be long before it would fall , not only on the power lines across from it but also on the railway tracks!! A local man who also witnessed this, said he would call the city  or Hydro right a way!  After all that excitement, our taste buds got a turn when we stopped for a lunch at a Crescent Bay café. Another great day and an equally great walk!!


rain or shine feb 6th!!! 065-P1040586 064-P1040587 Kaardebol or teasel 059-P1040600 062-P1040591 063-P1040589 crecent beach 055-P1040607 057-P1040603 whichhazel