milkweedmonarchs and milkweedmonarch larva on milkweedmonarchs in Mexico

While you are buying your bedding plants in the coming days or weeks, make sure to look for Milkweed plants, if you want to attract these gorgeous creatures!! Milkweed is becoming harder and harder to find, because these plants are not welcomed by farmers in their fields where animals graze. The plants are slightly toxic to livestock and will affect the taste of their milk. Farmers have been eradicating these plants with pesticides! Yet their flowers are intricate and beautiful and will lure both butterflies and hummers to your garden, The Monarch will deposit her egg on  the leaves, her offspring will then eat the bitter leaves and become unappetizing to prey!!! In Mexico where the Monarch overwinters their have been  colder temperatures then usual  and a lot deforestation going on over the years. The population has seriously declined , we will not even know how many if any will make it here to lay there eggs this season!!!! Milkweed is their larva’s only  source of food!!!!

Help the Monarch, “Get MILKWEED!”